Bookmark Tutorial

What to do with those tiny, favorite scraps you just can’t throw away?

What about times when a little gift is needed–exchanges, teachers, etc.?

What about a bookmark?

Here is a tutorial on how I make bookmarks.

Bookmark Tutorial

All seam allowances at ¼” quilters width, more or less.  It isn’t absolutely critical in this case.

Materials Needed:

muslin scrap 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

backing fabric  2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

ribbon scrap

misc small scraps at least 3 inches long


Using your muslin scrap as a foundation, add a piece of scrap to the center, more or less.  You may wish to use a highlight piece as I did here.

Iron the attached piece back and continue to add strips until the entire surface of the muslin foundation is covered.

Turn piece over and, using your  rotary cutter, trim to size square on muslin.

Turn it face up and admire how nice it looks.

Decide where the top is, if you haven’t already.  Fold ribbon scrap in half and position carefully in the center of the top. 

Place back fabric right sides together over the foundation pieced section and sew around three sides, leaving the bottom open. You may want to backstitch over the ribbon to make sure it doesn’t pull out.

Trim seam allowances, especially the top corners that you will need to turn.

Turn right side out. Iron.  Turn under about 1/4″ at bottom and top stitch. (IGNORE ragged and uneven stitches caused by my sewing machine.  While I am grateful to have a machine, I sometimes wish I had a different and sturdier one.)

Yay, you have a bookmark. 

Or four.

They are fun to make.

It is easy to get carried away.

Enjoy!  (at least I hope you do)  Feel free to ask questions or let me know how yours turn out.

10 thoughts on “Bookmark Tutorial

  1. i just —not an hour ago– went thru my boxes of calicos—3 tomato boxes full–and sorted out the pieces—scraps, then small–about fat quarter size and larger than that…what a great way to use the scraps!!! thanks for great idea…i will make them and sell them at our Relay for Life fundraiser!!!

    you have such great ideas..


  2. These are on my list of Christmas gift ideas to make. Its alot like making the squares in my Fall Scrap Quilt shown on the completed quilts list on my blog. What’s great about them is that I have everything to make them and they won’t cost a thing! Thanks!

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