Take Four Placemat Pattern Review

***Curve Master Giveaway here***

I purchased the “Take Four” Fat Quarter Friendly Placemat Set Pattern by Cary Flanagan from I Have a Notion during their Anniversary Giveaway.  I really hoped to win the pattern because I knew it was just right for my friend, Kathy.

She picked the fabric, which was, naturally, cherries.  She really likes cherries.

I worked on this project  for the Friday Night Sew-in this month.

It is important, even if you are not usually a pre-washer, that you do pre-wash on this type of project.  If you do not, your final product will be puckered, which is fine for a quilt, I guess, but probably not for placemats.

At first I was confused by the pattern, but once I read carefully, it became clear.  You do have to pay attention because there are five variations offered (makes the pattern a good bargain).  But overall it is stack, cut and rotate.  I could do that. 

If I had done the placemats “pillowcase” style (just turn inside out and top stitch), I would have easily finished in an evening.  But, I wanted them with a quilt binding. 

I did not, however, want the thickness of a quilt, so I used a medium weight interfacing in lieu of batting.  There is plenty of body with no bulk.

There is a little straight line “quilting” to hold things together and add some detail. 

I am pleased with the results and would recommend the pattern to anyone wanting a relatively quick and fun result.  I can see myself using this technique on a quilt someday, too.

5 thoughts on “Take Four Placemat Pattern Review

  1. I just found this post and I am really glad I did! I am so happy you enjoyed my pattern and I really appreciate your positive comments about your experience with it.! Your placemats came out awesome! Great job! Please let anyone who asks you know that the pattern can be purchased directly from the publisher, http://www.quiltwoman.com. Take Four placemat pattern is not only MY #1 selling pattern – it is also quiltwoman.com’s #1 best selling pattern (out of ver 600 patterns!!)

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