Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

As I said, maybe I am the last person on the planet to know about this, but just in case…

Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Small ball cotton yarn (I used Sugar and Cream 2.5oz)

Crochet Hook (I used Size G)



1. Chain 40 stitches.

2. Insert hook one stitch from end and single crochet to the other end, picking up a single loop for each stitch.

3. When you get to the end, keep going.  Wrap around the original chain, picking up the other loop.

4. Now go around and around and around…. You will notice that it starts to bend or form a shape at the end.  Push it down.  Note: it’s a triangle.

5.  Keep going until the triangle meets in the middle, about 20 rounds.

6. Slip stitch across to the opposite corner.

7.  Chain stitch 10 to form a loop, if you wish.

8. Tie off very firmly.

9. Ta-dah.  A pot holder/trivit thingy.  My friend uses them to scrub and shine her car.  Very multi-purpose.  Very addicting.  You may find yourself distracted.

NOTES AND DISCLAIMERS:  1. I am not a great crocheter or crochet teacher.  2. This tutorial does assume some basic crochet knowledge. 3. I am left-handed.  Excuse the pictures looking odd to you right-handed types. 4. Please, let me know if things are unusually unclear or if I have left anything out.  This seems to work for me, but I may have taken a leap and forgotten to ask you along. 5. Have fun!  I have.


24 thoughts on “Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

  1. Guess I’m the last person to know about these!

    Thank you for the tutorial. . . now I know what I can do with the single skeins of Sugar ‘n Cream that I have from doing larger projects.

    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Great tutorial! I used to use this pattern for potholders, but then found it easier to simply start with a smaller chain and rather than joining a diagonal seam in the middle, I ended up with a nice square pocket to simply stitch together at the top.

    I make my cat mats for the shelters the same way except I start with a much longer chain.

    1. We made these for a mission trip to Uganda. We made 100+ sets of 2. I know the women in Uganda will love them. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. TYTYTY!!!! i have never done this..i love knitting the dishcloths from the cotton yarn and i will try this..i used to teach left handers to knit–i am right handed–by sitting in front of me and doing as i do…you are looking at it from the other way and that works really well..i can see from your pix how to do this..i too love to crochet–and knit–but am no good when it comes to telling someone how to do it..but i can show you how..LOL..thanks again..mary

  4. Great tutorial!
    My Mother made coasters in the same way but with variegated sayelle(?) yarn and a 4″ square of plastic canvas inside to make them stiff.

  5. Nope, you’re not the last one! I didn’t know about it. I’ll try it and let you know if something isn’t clear but it looks pretty good to me. Thanks!

  6. Not only am I a left-handed crocheter who never learned how to read patterns, I think I just may be able to figure this one out!..Thanks for I don’t feel like the Lone Lefty Crocheter, lost in the right-handed wilderness..

  7. I save all my cotton yarn scraps, even as small as four or five inches, then crochet one of these up. Since all the knots can go inside the potholder, there’s no tucking of threads. Great way to use all those scraps of yarn I hate to throw away.

  8. I’ve seen a pattern like this before, but yours is the simplest. You can double or half double crochet this to save time and make them go faster. This is a great small project for commuting. I may tuck one of these into my bag the next time I’m on the bus. Great Christmas projects. They’re very thick and great for handling hot items. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Since I first saw this pattern (tutorial) I have made about 15 of these. I have also used all of the left over pieces of yarn and made them by putting various color combinations together. I really love this pattern. Thanks so much.

  10. Oh my goodness! I am a left handed crocheter. So nice to see this from my point of view! Can’t wait to try it!

  11. Thank you, I have been wanting to know how to make these, my mother has made them for years and unfortunatly I waited too long to have her show me how to make them. She now has Alzheimers and cannot show me how. Thank you again.

  12. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been wondering how these are made. My mom received these for gifts and I was about ready to take one apart to see how it was made.

  13. I really appreciate you posting this! I bought one at a craft sale on Saturday with the intention of copying it to make more. I’m embarrassed to post the picture of how it turned out! You’ve made it look very simple….thanks! And you AREN’T the last one…. = )

  14. I have made these for years. I like using dk yarn. And if you would like to make them to sit bigger pan on the counter I just add more chains, just make sure they are even number of chains. My big one for casserole dishes I chain 60. Great for beginners

  15. This is an awesome ideas, I make T-Towels and with this I can make a set with the dishcloth to match, thank you

  16. Thank you so much for sharing how to make these. My mom used to make them but I didn’t crochet until recently and mom has been gone for 24 years now. Thanks again I’ve always wanted to know how to make them.

  17. I’m lefted hand and was taught by a right handed person when I was 15 we seat across from each other but I taught myself to read patterns. But a friend gave me that pattern many years ago and love it I’ve made them as gifts over the years!

  18. This is very helpful – and I’m a righty!! I looked up how to do this because I have never actualy done it before and wasn’t sure I was doin it right. I’m at the stage of your first pic before the triangles actually start. Thank you for posting that picture!!

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