Two Stars and a Darn-it!

So, there I am, working  peacefully on my quiltalongs.

The Crazy Mom quilt is coming along nicely, just sewed on another section.  Using a sort of chain method, I put up another piece.  As it goes under the presser foot, I pick up my trusty thread trimming scissors and snip the thread.  WITHOUT setting the scissors down (cue Music-of-Doom) I push the Crazy Mom quilt out of the way….

Darn it!

See that! Arrgh!

Those scissors are sharp.

Don’t push fabric when carrying scissors.


I put aside the Crazy Mom quilt to work on Summer Stars block 7 and 8.

Now, that makes me happy.

How can anyone be sad while gazing at blue and yellow stars?

The fix for the Crazy Mom quilt will have to wait until tomorrow.

It looks so sad and wounded, though.  Yes, very sad, darn-it.

6 thoughts on “Two Stars and a Darn-it!

  1. hey we’ve all done it..i use a small pair of gingher’s to cut threads and also to guide fabric thru machine so that has happened to me..i fix it with a small ‘dart’ type seam..i mean 1/4 ” seam allowance will cover most of it up..if someeone notices it say ‘oh my what good eyes you have..maybe you could tell me what to do??’ but nobody but you will know it is me you are your own worst critic..

    i love the blue and yellow stars…


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