It’s a Baby. Good Time to Experiment.

Love those scrap bags.  In one I recently received there was a variety of bright pieces that I was able to combine to make this baby strip quilt.  It measures about 33 x 34. 

Easy to put together–just strips more or less width of fabric in whatever size. Looks happy to me.

I had the lime green pieces, the yellow on the back (leftover from the back of a project a few years ago) and the orange binding.  Sorry, being scrap I don’t know what collection or colors, except the orange which is a Kona Cotton solid.  All the rest came in that bag.

As the whole thing was leftovers and an experiment anyway, I decided to try a little straight line machine quilting.  I don’t have a walking foot or any of those other blessed tools to make the job easier. Don’t look too close, but it is a start and it is finished.

Somewhere there will be a happy baby.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Baby. Good Time to Experiment.

  1. i love it..i love to make baby quilts in bright colors..i really do like pastels but i think babies should have bright fun things to look at and play with..the baby that gets this one will be dragging it around for the first 4-5 years of their life!! what fun…you did good!!!


  2. I love the bright cheerful colors that you have used. Scrap bags can sure be full of surprises just add a little bit of imagination and who knows what that bag can actually contain.

  3. WOW! I am impressed with your quilting, especially as you have no walking foot etc. The colors work really well together too! Don’t you love a ‘free’ quilt – one that virtually costs nothing- that is how patchwork came about -using up the scraps! Congratulations on a lovely quilt!

  4. I think you did a great job on the quilting!! And it was a nice size to practice on… the more I see quilts here in blog land the more I like the straight line quilting (and it is actually something I can do!)

    The first couple of quilts I made I didn’t have a walking foot either. Makes things interesting doesn’t it!! hehehe


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