Pencil Case Tutorial

Here I am again, using scraps.  I had been thinking over an idea that would build a lined pencil case with no raw edges out of one piece of fabric.  What do you think? Want to see it?  Here goes…

Pencil Case Tutorial

All seam allowances at ¼” quilters width, more or less.  It isn’t absolutely critical in this case.

 Materials Needed

1 piece fabric 10″ x 20-22″ (1/2 WOF)

1 zipper 8″ or longer

2 pencils


1. Cut your fabric to 10×22″ and get together a zipper.  The two pencils are really a finishing touch.

2. Press in a seam allowance on the long edges of about 1/4″ width. (You will thank me for this later.)


3. Sew the short edges, right sides together, using your 1/4″ seam allowance.

4. Iron seam flat.

5. Turn tube right sides out and press flat.  Your pressed seam allowance on the long edges should be to the inside.  Put the seam in about the middle of the tube on top.  This will eventually be the inside of the pencil case. I realize the seam isn’t easy to see, but look towards the middle of the fabric where the pattern doesn’t match perfectly.

6. Attach zipper to the short sides.  Center if your zipper is about 8″ long.  If longer, you will have a piece that hangs off.  You can trim this later.

7.  Carefully sew one side of the zipper on.  It helps to use a zipper foot.  Hopefully the picture helps, too. NOTE:  I usually run my pins at right angles to the sewing, but with the zipper it distorts the fabric too much, so I run them parallel.

8. Sew the other side.  Here is gets a little tricky.  It seems to work best to open the zipper most of the way and sew as far as you can.  With needle down, close the zipper past the foot and then sort of turn it inside out as you sew the last few inches.  Again, hopefully the picture helps, but if not, send questions.

9. You will now have a tube with a zipper in it. 

10.  Now it is time to sew the ends shut.  I like to double sew them because it looks so nice.  Now do you see why we turned the seam allowance in on the long sides?  You sew about 1/8″ and then 1/4″, so it is very secure and looks decorative, too.

11.  Ta-dah.  A pencil case.

12.  I got so carried away I made three.  One I don’t have pictures of, but above is number two and here is a little on number three.  On the third one I used a long zipper and cut it off. Here are some pictures of that, too.

I hope you enjoy this little project.  They took me less than 30-minutes each to make (after the first one).  Sure, they are simple, but sometimes that is just what you need.

Now, add the two pencils and go give one to someone you really like.  They will be happy! And you will too!

8 thoughts on “Pencil Case Tutorial

  1. what a neat little case..will try it as i am not one to put in zippers so it will give me some practice on that..and also at Curves we are collecting school supplies ….thanks…

  2. August 28, 2013
    Hi, I am just reading your tutorial. Plan on making some for my grand kids. Thanks for the details. I plan on putting the zipper higher up to get more storage space.

    Pat Bloem

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