Charming Scarf Tutorial

What do you do with small scraps of Minkee?  It is waaayy too expensive to throw away, so when a few pieces were leftover from a quilt back, I turned them into scarves.

Here’s how.



13 5″ squares (charm squares.  I just use my scrap stash)

1 piece of Minkee 5″ x WOF (Width of Fabric) Usually 58-60 inches


1. Lay out your charm squares in a pattern ( or no pattern at all) that pleases you.

2. Sew them together end to end and press seams in one direction.

3. Lay right sides together with the Minkee and sew three sides.  Leaving one narrow end open. NOTE:  depending on your seam allowance (use 1/4″) and the actual width of your Minkee, you may end up trimming one square or cutting an inch or two off the Minkee, but it should be very close.

4. Turn right sides out. Poke out the corners nice and square.

5. Turn in the seam on the last end piece and hand stitch closed.

6. Iron and, ta-dah, you have a scarf.

or two.

They are sort of skinny and funky, but just right for that certain just right person on your list.

If you don’t want to use scrap, 7/8 yard Minkee and 2 charm packs (40 squares each) will give you 6 scarves with minimal waste.

I hope you will enjoy making some scarves of your own.  Feel free to ask any questions and share your finished products. 

ps: Self-taken-in-a-bathroom-mirror-with-bad-lighting-at-night pictures should be illegal.  I agree!  But, sometimes we all have to do the best we can. Thanks for understanding.

5 thoughts on “Charming Scarf Tutorial

  1. love it…ratz!! and i just bought a scarf for a gift not nearly as pretty as that..i may take it back and make one of these..she would love it..thanks for the tutorial..

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