I Am Back, And Counting…

Shelly has a challenge going on:  The 2010 Final Countdown.

I am up for a challenge.

Yesterday was:

Find your oldest UFO and do something about it

2010 has been a very good year for me as far as finishing UFO’s goes.  As a result, my oldest UFO is a jewel box quilt I started two years ago.  I actually blogged about it a while back.

So, I got the quilt out and looked it over (AGAIN!) and have officially placed it in my Project Staging Area.  Regardless of what challenge Shelly throws at us tomorrow, I am going to make A LIST.  An OFFICIAL LIST.  A 2011 PROJECT LIST.  And, this quilt will be on it.

Moving on….

Today’s challenge:

 Clear off a flat surface in your sewing area

Now, if I were a really good woman, I would attack this area


The Project Staging Area mentioned above, but that is tomorrow’s job (plus whatever Shelly gives us).

 So, instead I worked on this pile (which has flat elements)

Yes, it is.  The dreaded Ironing and Mending pile.

It now looks like this

Ironing and mending are mundane sewing tasks, but they satisfy the objective which was to “start the new year off with a fresh clean place to work.”  Getting mending and ironing out of the way gives me a fresh place to work, even if only in my mind.

Thanks for the challenge, Shelly.  I look forward to tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “I Am Back, And Counting…

  1. Your jewel box is gorgeous. I’m trying to decide which flat area to clear — so naturally I cut out a pillowcase. I’ll have before and after pictures later tonight.

  2. Wow! That was a great thing to get off your plate! I’m impressed. I’m afraid I would have just moved a mending pile elsewhere and kept on procrastinating. Way to go on a fresh start . . .

  3. i have no idea which is my oldest UFO but will have to think about it..i have several of those almost done..wouldn’t take long to finish any of them..but as far as flat surfaces go i didn;t even know about that til now and i did just that this morning..my hardest flat surfaces to keep clear is my stairway upstairs to the attic which ends in my sewing room..and it is sooooo convenient to pile stuff on…but alas when i have to go upstairs to store things—like Christmas leftovers–then i have to clean off the stairs so i can get up there and i did that today..yeehaw!!!!

  4. Jewel box is one of my most favorite traditional patterns, and I’ve never made one. Hmmm… maybe I aught to add one to my list of projects for next year. Yours is beautiful!!

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