Fabric In The Shape Of Pants

My mother has heard about the rising cost of fabric and refashioning and is supporting my habit with hand-me-downs.  Thanks Mom!

These very large pants came in a recent batch.  Daughter saw them and really liked the fabric, but was daunted at the fit.

(NOTE:  My mother is a little woman.  These were not her pants.  I don’t know who they belonged to, but they were nearly new.)


Pants?  Nope.  I am learning that you can only cut down so much. 

But, a skirt? 


I should taken pictures of the rework, but I used the original waistband (picked out by Daughter) and the legs turned upside down and trimmed became the a-line skirt shape.

Total work time was about 1 hour 15 minutes.  Not bad for an a-line skirt with a waistband.  And the price?  Perfect!

10 thoughts on “Fabric In The Shape Of Pants

  1. you have to be the most talented makeover artist i know…how clever..i would not have thought of that..i’d still be trying to make it into pants of some kind..clever clever..

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