Sew-in Report…NOT!

I have been doing the Friday Night Sew-in for several months now, and have never had a bust night.  Until tonight.  It is 9:58pm and I have yet to go to my machine.  The laundry is not done.  I got the kids in bed almost 45 minutes late.  Husband is at work.  We are painting the basement in the morning.

I sound whiny, don’t I?!  I really wanted to sew, but right how I think I better just go to sleep or I will be a cranky wife/mother tomorrow and my family will wish me somewhere else.

So, good night and here’s to a better night of sewing sometime soon.  Maybe tomorrow night?

7 thoughts on “Sew-in Report…NOT!

  1. And there I was thinking you were sewing as I slept 🙂 Not to worry – I will be sewing again tonight – in fact I am sewing, but at present having a computer break!

  2. you do not need to apologize to me..i would not be able to have a fun sew in with a paint job awaiting this it when you can..i had a friday DAY sew in…stopped in the middle of my project i am trying to finish and started another which i hope to finish this weekend..a small quilt for a friend’s birthday…good luck to you..i hope you got a good night’s sleep..and maybe you can have your sew in tonight..

  3. Yes! I hate that when life interrupts my plans. Especially when I know being creative is so important to my emotional well being. Maybe you can get your husband to take the kids bowling or something today so you can have some free time. Then you can have the joy of being home alone. I hope today is a better day for you.

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