I Have Been Cutting

Taming the scrap monster is a never-ending task.

But, I am closer than I have ever been.

Cutting and cutting has yielded…

5-inch squares

2-1/2-inch strips

and 2-inch squares.

The 2-inch squares are for a new dream quilt:  a postage stamp. You can see it in the picture.  I printed it from somewhere but didn’t write it down.  If anyone recognizes it, let me know and I will give credit.  I just LOVE it and am most excited to go to work on it.

But, I’m still cutting and not ready to sew yet.  I will NOT let myself start this one until the Jewel Box Quilt top is assembled.  Will not.  Will not.

But, it is so hard to be “good.”  As my friend Mary says, “scraps are FUN waiting to happen.”  Oh, I hope it isn’t a LONG wait this time.

7 thoughts on “I Have Been Cutting

  1. i will never ever get my scraps tamed…LOL..love the pattern and have never seen it before..why did you have to do that to me????? you know what happens when i see a new pattern using scraps..it will go in my want-to-make collection..i have soooo many already in there…..good luck on your happy scrapping!!!!! (and your jewel box quilt)

  2. Oh my! That 5″ patch on the left, the blue with autumn flowers, has been haunting me! It’s the border fabric in a very old UFO that I’m finally binding and hope to ship to its intended recipients by next week. I’ll still have scraps of that border in my collection. But that’s OK — even though it’s “old” fabric (circa ’96 or ’97 I think), it’s pretty and will look good in a scrap quilt. Good for you for getting so organized!

  3. I’m taking some scraps to my next guild retreat to cut. I know I won’t do it at home by myself so maybe I’ll do it at retreat. I’m sure I’ll blog about it if I do. Good work!

  4. Oh yes- fun waiting to happen! What a great way to put it! Now you show some restraint, won’t you? LOL! You will enjoy the process more if you have finished the Jewel Box first! good luck with the willpower!

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