Scrap Update

This last weekend was a good sewing weekend.  Well, not just sewing, but also getting that new influx of scrap under control. 

It went into three categories.

Some was cotton quilting fabric and stayed here to be filed or cut.  Look, I even got enough to set aside for my first Scrap Basket Sensations project.  Some were strips I already had cut, but I believe this makes enough to start. Very exciting.

Some went into a special pile known as “Cinderellas.”  Yes, that word is plural, not possessive.  More on this project in the future.

Some went away to a new home.  Happy people who do a lot of crafting and are very happy with my pass-it-on pile.

So, that is the story of that pile of scrap.


I got a phone call on Saturday, “I have some fabric here.  Do you want it?”


Of course.

What else could I say?

I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to scraps.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

PS–Speaking of Scrap Basket Sensations, a blog tour starts today with 10 (That’s right TEN) chances to win your own copy.  Go here for the schedule. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Scrap Update

  1. oops!!! don;t know what happened there..but as i was saying i know very few quilters or piecers anymore…our quilt club disbanded many years is as much fun to me to get a bag of scraps or even a handful as it is to go in my favorite quilt shop..

    i can hardly wait to see what ‘cinderellas’ is all about..knowing you it will be fun!!!

    sorry about hitting something but i honestly didn;t think i did..but i wanted to finish my thought..

  2. My guess about Cinderellas- they don’t seem like much at first, just a pile of scraps, but a fairy godmother comes along and turns them into something colorful and very special. Am I close?

  3. Ah! A lady who knows how to use the apostrophe of possession! It warms an old teacher’s heart! And I bet those Cinders will be made beautiful- just don’t stay up til after midnight making them- or you’ll turn into pumpkin!!! LOL!!!

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