Chain Piecing

I am on the final leg of building the component parts for the Scrap Basket Sensations blocks.  I said I was “cheating” Sunday because I assembled just enough parts to do a test block, which made me more confident about proceeding with the entire project.

So, I had to get back to basic assembly and Monday was chain piecing day.  I didn’t get to sew a whole hour, but I did get some done on my Grandmother’s old Pfaff machine.  The machine I sew on most of the time was eating the leading edge of my corner triangles, which was trying my patience to its limit, so I switched.

Tuesday should be the last day of component parts and then it is on to building blocks.  Oh, I can hardly wait.

I realize that this is probably a lot more exciting for me than for you.  Eventually there will be something to see here besides this one quilt.  Promise.

5 thoughts on “Chain Piecing

  1. have you ever used a ‘thread saver’ piece of fabric to start off a row with?? or as i like to call it a ‘nerve saver’…i use a small piece of scrap doubled over to about 3/4″ wide and i sew thru that then start on my quilt piece..i have never had my machine ‘eat’ the end of any triangle doing it that way..thought it might help..i can hardly wait to see how you are doing this..even the ‘chain’ you have done looks nice!!! good colors..

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