Sew-in Report

After a busy day I looked forward to sewing.

Husband was at work and the children wanted me to watch a movie with them. I stitched on the binding of one of my charitable quilts.

Then I got them in bed and there were dishes and laundry and finally about 10pm I was ready to sew.

Except there was a new box of scrap to sort.

And by the time it was time to sew I just didn’t have the creative energy to do complex piecing.

So, I did a simple, utilitarian “binding” finish on the third charity quilt, a whole cloth tied quilt that will most likely go to a humanitarian relief effort overseas.  These quilts are simple and sturdy, but also colorful and warm.

And, in this case, complete.

By the time all that was over it was just after midnight.  But, the dishes are done, the laundry is done (except ironing) and two of the three charity quilts are complete with the third very close.

Scrap Basket Sensations will wait another day.  My original goal was to finish before the end of the blog tour, but I won’t make that.  I guess building a large quilt in ten days is not reality in my world.

12 thoughts on “Sew-in Report

  1. What a productive day you had! I’m envious of the box of scrap you get to sort – I love sorting through stuff that people give to the quilt group I sew with.

  2. You accomplished a lot! Made me tired just to READ about what you did!

    I’m loving your box of scraps! Is it weird that I get more excited about scraps than new fabric? 🙂

  3. 1. Where are you getting all these great boxes of scraps??
    2. Your scrap basket sensation blocks look SO good together. I’m picturing that block with a black solid background and solid brights all mixed in. Kind of Amishy.
    Happy Saturday!

  4. i guess ‘building a large quilt in ten days’ is not a reality in most of our worlds!! certainly not mine..i might get most of it done but not completed..

    and i too am exhausted reading about what you did…enjoy sorting your new scraps…then go back to your scrap will seem like a new project then!!!

  5. Wow, you were very busy. So nice of you finishing the charity quilts! I have wanted to do that for a while now but it just seems like there’s never enough time. Bless you for using your talent this way!

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