Two Quilts Finished

Do you remember my quilting class?  I was asked to teach basic piecing to a class of 25 eight to ten year olds at a local school. 

Here they are with their first top.

They finished two quilt tops, which were quilted (not by me) and ready to be bound this week.

Finished quilts!

Obviously scrap quilts done on a budget, but with great enthusiasm. Each child completed a 9-patch of 5″ squares.

Planned  Quilts of Valor donation.

If anyone out there needs to know how to teach basic piecing to a large (or small) group, let me know.  I have an outline, but nothing that I am ready to publish.  The piecing was all done by hand, which, strangely enough, is better for absolute beginners.

11 thoughts on “Two Quilts Finished

  1. it is beautiful!!! and another thing they learned is co-operation and did a great job of teaching them..they turned out great..

  2. So pretty with the red, white and blue. I love the large square near the middle for the title/ dedication. Did the kids bring fabric in or was it your stash?
    I’ve set a tentative goal to make a small quilt with my first-graders before the year is over for Project Linus. I’m thinking of fabric marker drawings on 6-inch squares, then putting it together myself. It’s tentative because we also have a class cookbook to finish this month, but with all the make up snow days, it just might work.

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