Starting Cinderellas

Tuesday Daughter was home sick from school.  Not REALLY sick.  But too sick to go and cough all over everyone.

By afternoon she needed something to do. 

So,  we started to lay out a “Cinderellas.”

The name comes from my neice, who loves to play dress up.  In fact, she wears dress-up clothes everywhere.  Some of them are getting rather worn and she needs some new ones.

So, we assembled  an idea pile:  lime green t-shirt, satin nightshirt from thrift store, second-hand western wear shirt with the snaps torn off one sleeve, pink and purple scraps and some netting of uncertain origin.  The buttons and eyelet were added to the pile later, but both were items on hand.  In fact, the eyelet was from my mother (her Mahgah) from probably 30 years ago.

I should have taken more pictures in process, but I didn’t. Since this is “starting” Cinderellas I will try to do better next time.  But…

Here is the final product.

Back view.

 I was going for simple and sturdy.  And princess.

Niece will be able to put it on and take it off herself. It is washable. She can wear it everywhere.

I really do mean everywhere.  Yep, that’s her on her way in from the corrals at my parents’ house in one of her old Cinderellas.

11 thoughts on “Starting Cinderellas

  1. you do so much with recycled clothing!!! that is adorable..there are no little girls in our family i could do that for but that would be so much fun..thanks for sharing that with us..

  2. Oh my goodness! That is just darling! My child also wore dress-up clothes for years. We went at least 6 months when he didn’t leave the house unless he was in his Spiderman costume, mask and all.

  3. Hey, you’ve been very busy….I should NOT be surprised! This is so delightful with all the colors esp. the green. I love that she will be able to get in/out of it by herself. She will feel so grown up. And Beautiful!

  4. Oh my goodness! How cute is that? My niece also dresses up every day- either Tinkerbell or a pink fairy girl or just her swimsuit in the dead of winter. She would be so jealous of this little Cinderella.

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