It Had To Happen Once

Scrap Basket Sensations is coming along beautifully. 

The blocks, while they look complicated, are all composed of 2-1/2″ strips.  Once the preliminary component parts are created, the blocks assemble quickly.


Unless you sew them together backwards.

It has to happen once on every quilt.  I guess.

7 thoughts on “It Had To Happen Once

  1. the Amish say they leave a mistake in every quilt to prove they are not perfect…it is a good luck thing..that is how i like to think of it..i made one star backward in our Relay for Life raffle quilt last year..didn;t notice it in ‘real life’..only when i saw it in a picture..then i found it..much too late then…
    ….so as Quiltfever says be glad you found it now..
    but it sure is turning out beautifully!!!!

  2. I alwasy get to do some Amish things – 🙂 Just love hohse blocks – they do look complicated though. You have put them together quickly it seems.

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