Cinderellas II

The first time was so much fun I had to do it again. 


Cinderellas II

Another dress up creation for Niece.

Again, based on a t-shirt for a sturdy foundation but with enough color and ruffle to please a discriminating princess. I had sort of suggested that I would show more of the work-in-progress, but this is all I managed.

Refashions/sewing-without-patterns is hard to write tutorials for.  At least for me.  Much of it is just Make-It-Up-As-You-Go.  But, if hard to explain, it is certainly easy to enjoy,

But,  enough for now.  Back to quilting and these go in the mail.

6 thoughts on “Cinderellas II

  1. I love the way you just change things and make them into new and interesting clothes. I think its really clever. Couldnt do that without a pattern myself 😦

  2. you might have a business venture there gal!!!! at halloween time you should advertise…they are so do such a good job and have such an imagination..i could do it without a pattern if someone told me what to do..keep on and let us see them before you mail them off..

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