Switching Gears

What I really want to do is finish the Scrap Basket quilt, but I need border fabric and haven’t been able to go shopping.

So, I decided to switch gears (better than grinding gears) to another partial finish, the Tri-me Honey Quilt I promised a tutorial on about, oh, a month or six weeks ago.  It is being quilted, sort of, by me on my grandmother’s Pfaff.  Simple.  Straight lines.

The binding is orange.  Where are all these warm colors coming from lately?  Maybe dreaming of spring?  Maybe entering a new phase in my life?  Who knows, but bright surely is fun!

5 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Definitely a spring quilt…love it…I am sure you will be glad to get it finished and quilted (that was a dum statement…who wouldn’t)….HA!!

    Enjoy the process!!!

  2. just beautiful..can hardly wait for the tutorial..and i think orange will go good on it..i am going to have to try machine quilting on my regular machine..spring is only a couple of weeks away!!!!

  3. You have way more patience or guts or something than I do. I would never quilt something on a baby machine again! Of course, they say never say never, but I don’t *plan* on ever doing it again.

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