Binding–Quilt and Family

Sometimes quilting becomes a family affair. 

I am binding.  Daughter is trimming threads.  Young Son is taking pictures. Husband is working hard so we have a roof over our head to make it all possible.

Will all this help I am sure to have a finish to share soon.

4 thoughts on “Binding–Quilt and Family

  1. This sounds like a great family project. My daughter helped me at the last minute with the table runner I gifted. I was down to the wire sewing the binding. She trimmed, took pins out, took a picture and wrapped the gift as I dressed and dashed out the door. Sometimes it is so handy to have extra hands 🙂

  2. what a great way to get it is just me here but it would be nice to have someone to help on some of these occasions..the quilt is beautiful..glad you have it done..

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