Civil War Catch Up

Taking a few weeks for other projects has left me in need of catch up on the quiltalongs.

With the Nova (top) and Tri-Me quilts finished, the focus was on Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Quiltalong (see sidebar).  I was two (make that three) weeks behind, but caught up in a burst of block sewing on Tuesday.

The color scheme is pink, brown and red.  It somehow looks more orange in the picture, but trust me…

Block 11 is due out Saturday.  If you are at all interested in a quiltalong this is a good one to join.  You could easily catch up. It is a very managable 1 block a week and,  you don’t have to use reproduction fabrics.  Anything goes and you can get started on that “use some scrap in 2011” resolution.

5 thoughts on “Civil War Catch Up

  1. Nice catch up! I like seeing the collected group of squares this way. Today’s doesn’t look too bad, and I’ll probably do it on Tuesday. Hope to see yours soon, too! BTW, I love Utah. I don’t know where you are exactly, or if I know, I forgot, but there’s no part I’ve visited that I didn’t enjoy. I bet you’ll figure out a great orphan block project without any help from me. I’d love to visit sometime, though.

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