Cottage Windows Quilt

Please welcome the Cottage Windows Quilt into the world.

Somehow, once this quilt was completed it vaguely reminded me of a Cathedral Windows quilt, but it is definitely not grand enough to be called that, so I am settling for Cottage Windows.

Is this a pattern you have seen before?  If not, would you like a tutorial?  It was enough fun to make that I would consider doing it again. 

The quilting is straight lines 1/4″ away from the colored squares.  Just done on my old Pfaff.  And with all the issues you would expect,  like irregular stitch length.

The back is Minkee with a very thin poly batting.  It is deceptively heavy and warm.

I blogged about the accident that led to this quilt HERE.

At about  49″ x  49″  it is a nice throw size.

Glad to have it done.

12 thoughts on “Cottage Windows Quilt

  1. i remember well since i have a collection of blues and have a quilt started but not far enough that i would mind stopping and doing this one..please do have a tutorial..your tutorials are so good..and i love it..i might even try machine quilting it on my machine..what a lovely job..thank you for showing us that..i had forgotten about it..

  2. Isn’t that how a lot of things have been discovered, by accident? Here you have a new quilt block; maybe you could have a competition to name that block with some sort of prize.
    I love the way it turned out and it looks easy, having incorporated the white strip to make the faux borders within it.

  3. I love blues! This looks so fresh and crispy with the white and then blue binding. You are brave to use a minky batting. I’m too chicken for that.

  4. Your cutting mistake turned into quite a beautiful quilt. I think “they” say that a quilting mistake is just an opportunity for a new pattern. Great job with yours.

  5. The gentle blue and white are so pretty and calm looking. In the picture, the edge looks like rickrack. Beautiful job! I’d rather live in a cottage than a cathedral any day.

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