PIGS Report

A picture-free PIGS report

A procrastinated PIGS report.

A paltry PIGS report?

I hope not.  I am really trying to do a reasonable job of answering Jill’s latest questions:

This week’s question is going to be about sewing space and how you use it. Do you have a separate room all to yourself? Are you a little (or a lot) messy or Princess of Tidy? Are there things that you find a hindrance to your sewing mojo like no place to put an iron but on the other side of the room from your machine or a lack of storage of tools that just create more clutter to trip over?

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing space, sort of.  It is also the laundry room.  And the second guest bedroom.  But, at least I can leave my machine set up and, unless we have two sets of guests at the same time, which only happens a few times a year, my projects spread out.  A little at least.

Tidy?  Yes.  Mostly.  The project I am currently working on is usually on the bed.  The others are usually in shoe boxes.  The fabric is usually in bins on the shelf.  The thread and notions are usually in an old dresser.  Usually.  Sometimes it somehow gets quite out of control and looks like a bomb scene.  Then I have to take some time and re-file and organize.

Because the space is multi-purpose, and I have a very limited sewing budget (which I resent spending on anything that doesn’t directly produce a finished quilt or other object) there are things about my space I would change if I had a different life.  But I don’t.  The flip side is that there are not very many extra tools and gadgets to get in the way. I am so grateful just to have a sewing machine and fabric and some space and time to sew.  There are a lot of people who are not nearly so fortunate.  One of my favorite sayings is, “Well, it is what I have and that makes it PERFECT!” That is how I feel about my sewing space.  And my life.

Thanks, Jill, for thought-provoking questions.  Stop by again in a week or two for more PIGS Reports.

7 thoughts on “PIGS Report

  1. i also have a multi-purpose sewing room..it is very small…it was always called ‘the room at the end of the hall’..it has stairs which lead up to the attic..and i also have a closet that takes up floor space for off season clothes—-meaning winter coats and jackets..i have a few shelves on which i have my boxes of yarn stored..and under the stairs are my boxes of fabric..also under the stairs is an old chest of drawers that has my ‘tools’ in it and on it…i cut on my dining room table..press in my dining room..but i can sew in my sewing room and i can close the door when i’m not sewing..but as deanna says this is what i have so it is perfect..and it really is..

  2. Looks like you are one organized and thrifty person. You make wonderful use of your space and are not a pig like I am when you sew. That is awesome. Thanks for your post.

  3. Sounds like you are so well organised… I get in a real mess, and then have to stop as I cant place where I have put things. I am lucky to have a dedicated room, and the spare bedroom has a lot of plastic bins with all sorts of things in. Too much space is bad really – difficult to put my hand on things I know are there at times. I have to set to and tidy often . My DH is a perfectionist…and luckily for me has learnt to live with me for over 50 years 🙂

  4. I’m lucky enough to have my own space now, but it wasn’t always that way. It’s not the space that counts, it’s having the time to use it to exercise your creativity. You have that part down pat!

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