Pi Day

You know Pi. 

That mysterious, captivating, irrational number that lies at the heart of all the circles in the universe:  3.14159…

March 14 is Pi Day (3/14…3.14)

So, I have an esoteric, mathematical side.

And made pie for dinner, just because.

(pretend that is a beautiful lattice)

It goes well with beans (no pictures), bread and peaches.

Fairly normal dinner at our house–the beans, bread and peaches part, that is.

Plus pie.  Yum!

4 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. what a lovely delicious looking pi..i have never made lattice on a pi and i am here to tell you it would not be as neat or delicious looking as that if i did..i am going to have to do that one of these days–a peach one sounds good to me..and your dinner sounds delicious!!!! (by any chance were the beans Michigan great northerns and the cherries in the pi from Traverse City, MI???)

    1. The beans were from Dove Creek, Colorado (where they grow a lot of beans) and the cherries from right here in Northern Utah. I canned the pie filling last summer and it is always a pleasure to get a jar out. But I’m sure your Eastern beans and cherries taste nearly as good. 🙂 Have a good night. Deanna.

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