Big Shirt To Twirly Skirt

Needing a break from quilting, but not sewing, I tackled another clothing makeover. 

This time I started with fabric-in-the-shape-of a large shirt (Womens 2X).  And a matching scrap.  And a piece of an old sheet (not shown).

The color and fabric of the shirt were just right for a little girl’s skirt. So, I cut apart the bottom of the shirt and the shirred elastic section from the back.  The only part I couldn’t really come up with a use for was the front of the bodice.

The scrap didn’t want to gather, so rough pleats became the plan (when refashioning it is critical to be flexible).

The scrap and the sheet became an underskirt/slip.

Now, time for a waistband.  The shirred elastic back looked promising.  It was a little shorter than I would have cut elastic, but very soft and stretchy, so I was pretty sure it would work.

I attached it to the skirt so that the finished edge (formerly the top of the back of the bodice) would turn to the outside to provide the edge of the waistband without having to fold under a seam allowance.  (Another secret to refashioning:  use all finished seams possible.)

Here is the finished product.

It will be delivered to a young girl in our neighborhood soon.  She needed a new spring skirt (or I just needed to make one and this would be too small for Daughter).

9 thoughts on “Big Shirt To Twirly Skirt

  1. how creative you are..i would have looked at that and thought nothing i can do with it and left it hanging ….i love the colors…i know the little girl will love it..

  2. Wow, that’s a completely different looking set of fabrics! I can’t believe the before and after differences. How nice of you to make it for someone else’s daughter!

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