Thread Head Blocks Complete

Eighty-one blocks.

I’m pretty excited.

It is hard enough to find a place to lay this quilt out.

Even harder to take a picture of it.

It is a BIG quilt. 

YAY!  I like big quilts.

Thanks, Joanne. 

Now, to assemble the blocks. 

Update coming soon.

ps–Now accepting suggestions/observations on layout.  I wasn’t sure about the lime blocks, but Young Son, for whom this quilt is intended (but he doesn’t know it) remarked particularly that those were his favorites.  So I guess they have to stay.  But, I am still interested in your opinion. Please.

12 thoughts on “Thread Head Blocks Complete

  1. It looks fabulous. I’m with your son on the lime blocks. Can’t believe you got the blocks finished so quickly. The only thing I see that I might change are the lime and blue churn dash/monkey wrench that are next to each other diagonally in the second/third row from the bottom in the second photo.

  2. Try grouping the lime ones closer together and then putting them in the corners. Maybe let Young Son move them around if he is willing and see what he comes up with. Any way you sew them together, it is wonderful!

  3. So I was with you on the lime green…..but now they have to be in there. but you could space them very evenly so they are easy on the eye and not distracting.

  4. i love it…i don;t think you can lay it out wrong no matter how you try.. but ask young son to lay it out for you…i know he is creative too as i think he designed a block…it will be beautiful..i wondered too which border you would use..

  5. LOVE the green ones! I didn’t find them distracting just as they are. They add sparkle to the other blocks. I’m thinking a very thin, soft lime-green breaker border and then maybe a blue and bind with that tan in the blue blocks? Whatever you do will be great!

  6. WOW, I don’t think you need to make any changes. I love how you have the blocks laid out. I didn’t notice the lime greens till you mentioned them. I think they add a nice “sparkle”.

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