Another PIGS Post

It is that time again, when Jill asks probing questions, encouraging  us to get to the heart of our “disease” (as my husband sometimes calls it):

Is there anything that you can do for or change in your sewing area to encourage your creativity? Something that you saw on someone else’s post that you think would work for you? Inspiration that you got from somewhere else?

Creativity and inspiration are sort of tricky topics.  In my belief system, they are a touch of the divine that we are privledged to enjoy.  Also, I believe we all get better at anything with practice.  For example, I don’t believe writer’s block exists.  You can always write, “I have nothing to say.”  And sometimes that is just what one needs to do to get writing. 

Maybe it is the same with sewing/quilting.  The more we do it the better we will get at it.  That doesn’t just mean the actual skills–straight seams and the like–but the creative process, too.  And, sometimes, we just have to push through and do something.

I try to keep my projects together and sorted.  My fabric is filed.  My scrap basket is small and regularly cut and sorted.  This isn’t a matter of pride.  They are mostly ideas I have picked up from others along the way.  They are also necessary.  Like most people, while my creativity sometimes breeds clutter, it doesn’t exactly thrive in the clutter. 

I try to encourage my creativity by paying attention to it.  I have scrap paper and a pencil handy in nearly every room in the house and in my purse.  That way, if an idea comes along I can write it down.  This is new for me and I am not used to paying attention to or even really valuing my own ideas in this area.  My past is much more strongly practical and academic than creative so I am working at it.

Anyway, you will see from my quilts and simple tutorials that nothing profound or amazing is happening, but SOMETHING is happening and that is a start.

Thanks, Jill, for encouraging us in this search.

6 thoughts on “Another PIGS Post

  1. How true…great words of wisdom!! There is a famous speech given by a Australian football coach back in the ’60’s which said just that…”Don’t think, DO!” Or the Nike saying “Just do it!”

  2. my problem is that i have too many creative juices…being a little bit cluttered but not disorganized (i can tell you where anything is) helps in my creativity..i will be sitting at my machine and working away on something that i am really enjoying and look up and see this little pile of scraps or the colors of the fabrics i have in a clear box and want to drop what i am doing and do something with that!!!! that is not good either..but i love it..

    and deanna tell your husband i agree–it is a disease!!! had never thought of it that way..

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