Spring Napkins

“Why don’t we have any Spring napkins?” asked Young Son as he was setting the table.

Last year I made some cloth napkins which we use daily.  There was a sort of summer set and then a fall/holiday-ish set.  But now it is Spring–or should be.

So, the fabric was available and I started sewing.

Ta-dah!  Spring Napkins.

 There are a lot of nice tutorials out there for mitered corner napkins, like HERE. This is the first time I have used this technique and it is definitely my favorite so far.  The other attempted rolled hems and regular square corners.

Happy Spring!

The fabric is from Feedsack VI ca 1930 by Windham. I started with 18″ squares, and my hems are more like 3/8″ than 1/4″.  So they are finishing at approximately 17″.   That is a big napkin, I suppose, but I like to be generous.

10 thoughts on “Spring Napkins

  1. I love cloth napkins too. I think we need some Spring ones too. Hmmm….time to go stash shopping for Spring fabric. BTW, I cut mine 18″ square too. We make big messes at our house so we need big napkins! LOL!

  2. i love the reproduction prints and have quite a collection..the napkins are so pretty and also like the mitered corners..i have never made napkins but will have to do that..thanks for showing them to us..

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