Sorting Scraps

Leave well enough alone!

People say that.  Often. And there is probably a reason why.

There is a leader-and-ender project lurking in my plans that involves 12 100-patch blocks made up of 2-inch squares.  Yes, you read that right and you are not the only one questioning my sanity. 

Particularly because I feel the need to do a “bit” of planning, even for scrap quilts.  This is going to take a while.

7 thoughts on “Sorting Scraps

  1. Am I figuring this correctly? That’s going to take 1200 2″ squares? Sounds like a good leader and ender project though. You may go crazy if all you are doing is working on this one project, but doing these in between other sewing seems doable.

  2. i love it!!! i have just done a quilt top using charm squares for leaders and enders..5″ is way too big for that..but i did it..i am going to have to cut some smaller ones and use that..i think if you use these every time you piece a quilt you will be done a lot sooner than a will be surprised how quickly it goes..good luck to you on this project-in -a -project..

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