Awesome Weekend

The first weekends in April and October are important in my religion.  We call them General Conference, a chance to contemplate our faith in Christ, increase our resolve to follow His teachings, and receive guidance from our leaders.

It is also a chance to sit  a lot more than I usually do. And, unfortunately, with all this opportunity for learning and growth, I sometimes just fall asleep.

(NO PICTURE HERE–it isn’t pretty)

Sleeping happens much less often if I have something to do.  This is why I was trying to get all that machine quilting done.  Then I could sit and watch and listen AND BIND QUILTS.

Eight hours of church. Two finished quilts.  Awesome weekend. (More pictures coming soon.)

3 thoughts on “Awesome Weekend

  1. that is great that you can do that while sitting at church…it would never occur to me to do that..good for you….i’m glad they are done..i have a job to finish up today and i will be able to settle down to other things..

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