Not A Featherweight

In my last post about adventures in machine quilting, two of you wonderful people remarked that it appeared I was quilting on a Featherweight.  Here is another shot of a quilt from this weekend:

Yes the machine is small,  but it is not a Featherweight.  It is a Pfaff 130 that belonged to my paternal grandmother, MaryEmma.  The great thing about this machine is that it is super durable and can sew through just about anything.  I have repaired leather with it.

The presser foot is just a plain presser foot.  There is nothing special about it.  I am not even sure why it works as well as it does.  

Due, probably, to operator weakness, the only quilting I have attempted so far is straight lines, but I am more and more pleased with the results.  Fewer puckers.  More even stitch length.  I still plan to patronize long-arm quilters.  Regularly.  But for smaller or simple projects this is a cost-effective solution. 

The batting used in the quilt also seems to make a difference.  Poly batting moves the most, cotton less so and bamboo the least.  Bamboo is probably the hardest to baste, though, because it is a little “sticky” and the fabric is hard to smooth out. 

But, at least I am able to move towards a few finishes that have been sitting around for too long.

Thank you, Grandma.

6 thoughts on “Not A Featherweight

  1. that is wonderful…wish i could use the treadle out in my storage shed as well as my mother in law could..she made all her quilts on it..but then they were tied by her and anyone she could find to help her!!! therefore she made comforters for all the family then started over before she ran so smooth.. you are so lucky to have that good machine that was made to last…

  2. Great machine! It kind of looks like my Tuesday Treasure I posted about this week. How wonderful this machine is working so well for you! And it’s good to hear about what works for you. I haven’t tried bamboo batting yet but I certainly intend to now!

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