Doll Quilts

Daughter was inspired by a box of 1-1/2″ squares my friend Mary sent some time ago and decided to make doll quilts.  She is hoping to sell some and earn money becuase, “Mom, it’s not fair that 10-year old girls can’t get a job.”

Here are some she has made (terrible pictures, which I will update when I can).

I like the 9-patches best and so does she.  They go together fairly quickly and look quite nice (in my total biased-mom-type opinion). 

If you are interested in any of them, or would like to place an order for a custom color scheme, she would be so excited to serve you.  What a funny child she is!

Do children ever amaze you?  I know I wasn’t that good at ten. And, I’m not just talking about sewing.

7 thoughts on “Doll Quilts

  1. whoever thought those little tiny pieces of fabric would turn into something beautiful like this..i too like the 9 patches the best but they are all so pretty..make beautiful wall hangings or small table covers..i wish her much luck..she is very talented..

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