One-Hundred Patch

There are four-patches and nine-patches and even 16-patches…

but, one-hundred patches?!

One down, eleven to go (plus borders, etc) in my latest scrap quilting endeavor.  I am trying this as a leader-ender project, a first for me.  I was really surprised how quickly this block went together. 

Good use of fabric, thread and time.

9 thoughts on “One-Hundred Patch

  1. like you all i can think of is all the thread and scraps and time i have wasted over the years by not using actual squares for a quilt for leaders and enders..i have already got enough rows together for a quilt top when i get the rows sewn together and have another one started..i love this the scrappiness of will be beautiful when it is done..

  2. I did two of these as giant “placemats” for 100’s day at my son’s school – but I also matched them in 10 columns of 10 different colors. It actually went quite quickly and was loads of fun!! Maybe I should get going and do more? ‘Cause you know I do have the pieces!

    Can’t wait to see your finish!

    1. One inch squares?� Not me.� It started as two inch squares and so finished at 15-inches.� It is really pretty large.� I am planning a quilt using twelve of these with a white background and borders and…well, you’ll see, hopefully pretty soon if they keep going together this smoothly.

    1. “Leader-Ender” is a term coined, as far as I know, by Bonnie Hunter. The basic concept is to have a sort of “side-project” going all the time that allows you to use fabric, thread and time very efficiently. Here is a link to and article by Bonnie on the concept: This is the first time I have tried it and I am HOOKED! I can’t believe how, without really making an effort, I have a good start on a quilt. Of course, the cutting took a while, but was just part of the way I cut scrap now. The sewing feels FREE. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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