Friday Night Sew-in

I LOVE the Sew-in.  And, they have a cute, new button, too!

Handmade by Heidi

I will be sewing tonight!  What about you?

Now…what to do?

A block or two??


Finishing the quilt that is green and blue????

Tomorrow you’ll know how it turned out, too.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-in

  1. and a poet, too—-er also!!!!!! how clever you are!!!! as you know i do the friday night sew in on friday during the day as i am not a night i am cutting binding for my Thread Head quilt along—piano keys..some of each of the fabrics in the quilt…good luck on whatever you decide to do..

    1. The Sew-in is just an imaginary quilt retreat of sorts where we set aside one Friday a month (usually the second or third) and sew our little hearts out. Sometimes I do really well. Sometimes…well, let’s just say “less well.” There are two hosts. I usually sign-up with Handmade by Heidi. You can click on the button in my sidebar, or go there directly: Do join in. It is really fun.

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