April Sew-In Report

The night started with a five item list:

1.  Quilt Charm Quilt

2. Help Daughter with Doll Quilt

3. Sew on Jordan’s Quilt

4. Civil War Blocks

5. Finish second 100-patch

Here are the results:

1.  Quilt Charm Quilt:  DONE!  and binding attached

2. Help Daughter with Doll Quilt:  DONE!  and she is sewing binding and piecing another one.  Sales have started and she is more enthused than ever. 

3. Sew on Jordan’s Quilt:  DONE!  I have sort of lost enthusiasm on this project, but it is a graduation quilt due in May.  The blocks are very simple and I am trying to do 4 a day.

4. Civil War Blocks:  DONE!  At least until today’s block comes out.

5. Finish second 100-patch:  DONE!  It is such fun to watch this project grow.  Using this quilt as a leader/ender makes it seem nearly effortless, but that doesn’t make the results any less satisfying.

So, a glimpse into my evening. There was plenty of stuff here that didn’t get done.  The dishes are on the counter and the living room needs picked up and I went to bed at 1am.  But, GREAT Friday Night Sew-in!  Thanks to our hosts, once again.

6 thoughts on “April Sew-In Report

  1. wowowowowowow!!!! what a lot of stuff you got done..i am so proud of you…i like the charm quilt which was my first starter and ender quilt..and i like jordan’s blocks..will this call for another tutorial i hope i hope..i would like that one..and your civil war quilt is so pretty..love the colors..the hundred patch is really turning out nice..and i am so proud of daughter!!! i am glad she has found a market for her work..good luck to her keeping up!!!! what a great night you had..

  2. What a productive evening. Who cares about the dishes?! BTW, you have inspired me to start a leader/ender project. It’s such a fabulous idea. I use a little scrap that I end with all the time but it just gets layered with thread and eventually thrown away. Leader/ender is so much more productive and like you say–almost something from nothing.

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