Flying Fingers

Thanks to her flying fingers, Daughter has finished another doll quilt.

A very sweet pink-and-chocolate. 

Look later on in the week for a separate page tracking her progress on this endeavor.  I am not quite ready to turn a 10-year old loose with a blog or website or even an Etsy shop.  But, she is certainly enthused about her little business venture. 

Again, if you are interested in a quilt, let me know.  And I’ll let her know. And you will probably hear the scream all the way to your place.  That is what has happened so far.  Every one is precious and exciting to her.

4 thoughts on “Flying Fingers

  1. You are giving your daughter something so precious besides the talent of sewing, your time ….I love these post.

    How much is she selling her doll quilts for?

  2. i love that one..have always liked chocolate and pink together..i wish her much good luck in selling them..she is certainly doing a great job..and you are being the best of mothers..she will appreciate that more and more as she gets older…thanks for showing them to us..

  3. How fun! Please tell her that I enjoy seeing what she makes and this one is super cute. I also have a little entrepreneur at my house. Good luck to her!

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