Wedding Quilt, Unscheduled

There are several projects on “the schedule.”  You know, that list of projects–some in progress, some piles of fabric and others just ideas and wish lists. 

Then Husband comes home and says, “How long does it take you to make a quilt?”  What that translates to is, “My friend is getting married in July.  Can  you have a quilt ready by then?” 

So, I gave him a stack of pattern books and he chose:  Good Neighbors from Gale Bong’s Save the Scraps (Which, by the way, is going out of print.  Get yours while they last.)

The wedding colors are black, white and turquoise.  I had the black scraps and the white, but very little turquoise, or even anything much like it.  Tuesday I went through my LQS  and came home with the final ingredients for a quilt. 

I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt, Unscheduled

  1. i love the pattern and the colors are wonderful!!!! that will be a beautiful husband wouldn’t have done that but my daughter does all the i understand the feeling..but you will have fun doing it..keep us up on your progress…

  2. That is so awesome that he chose a quilt, my husband would have said just to pick one….this will be a pretty quilt….and you do have a few months…

  3. That quilt will be totally awesome! I love the color combination and can picture the finished project – what a magnificent gift!
    Please make sure you post pictures of the finished quilt!

  4. It’ll be beautiful – I love the colors – and good for Husband! Like mine, he must understand the language of quilts.

    I completely understand the nature of “the schedule”, and I appreciate the occasional reminder that I’m not the only one who is a slave to it.

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