One Year? Already?!

Yes, today one year ago I took a deep breath and ventured into the world of blogging.

Here is my first post:

I have enjoyed reading the blogs of many talented quilter types for several months but hadn’t taken the plunge myself. 

I have met some great people, among them Barb.  We were chatting on e-mail one day and I sent her a picture of this quilt:

After she saw it,  Barb said, “start your blog soon.”  OK, Barb, here it is. 

And, thank you, I think I will enjoy this.

 And, I have.  Thank you for reading, commenting and encouraging.  It has been a humbling but happy learning experience. 
I do have a bit of a celebration planned, but this sort of snuck up on me and I am not yet ready.  Next week.  I hope. 
Until then, thank you again for stopping by.  It really makes my day.

8 thoughts on “One Year? Already?!

  1. you make my day every day…i start off reading your blog..checking to see what you have to say or show us each day..yours was the first blog of any kind i had ever read..thank you for encouraging all us quilters every day and for being the sweet, creative, talented lady that you are…can hardly wait for the celebration!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad you decided to share your ideas with us on a blog. Love the colors and wonky squares in this quilt. AND your daughter’s blue ruffly skirt. Happy Easter!

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