Ruffle Skirt for Easter

Daughter “needed” an Easter outfit and I had scraps.  These varying shades of blue cotton-poly blend broadcloth came in a scrap bag a while back.  I set them aside, loving the colors and sure I could put them to good use somehow.

NOTE:  Scrap thread, too.  Scrap fabric allows for scrap thread, don’t you think?

I drew up a sort of sketch and started searching for ideas to make it come to life.

Emu has a user-friendly  skirt tutorial that I have used over and over for basic sizing, plus I LOVE her waistband.  I do not cut using patterns, but instead lay in out on the rotary cutting mat and go to work.

Then I came across this idea very similar to my own that helped me with the ruffles. 

I did change it up substantially. 

Just to give you an idea, this skirt is 23″ finished length.  Each ruffle (except the middle one) started as a 6-inch piece of fabric folded in half.  It was light weight enough that it gave the look I wanted without adding too much bulk.  The middle ruffle is only one layer 3-inches wide and serged on the edges.  The rows of ruffle are spaced 1-3/4 inches apart. And I tapered the ends of the partial ruffles, again using the serger. 

The skirt has a full lining of the lightest colored fabric and a sash, which also started at 6-inches.  The flower pin is made by ruffling 2-inch wide folded-in-half fabric and sewing around and around.  There are several good tutorials for similar items out there.

All in all I am really happy with the finished results. Daughter looks happy and much too grown up for almost-eleven.

If you try something similar, I would love to see how it turns out.  And, I’m glad to answer any questions along the way. 

10 thoughts on “Ruffle Skirt for Easter

  1. you never cease to amaze i wish i had been able to do something like this when my daughter was her age..i made all her clothes but always used a pattern but of course in the late 50’s early 60’s i had never heard of a computer much less a tutorial..what a great age we live in..and how great is it that we have a friend like you to remind of us all the wonderful fun things we can do with scraps and scrap thread!!!! thank you ..and that is a beautiful spring outfit!!!

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