PIGS Answer: Multitasker?

This time Jill asks:

Do you work on one project at a time or are you better when you are juggling 2 or more?

If you were here, you would hear my husband’s snort, followed by excessive laughter.  He accuses me of multitasking myself into a state of disfunction.  But, I disagree.

Jill specifically mentioned Leader/Ender projects.  As I am working on my first true leader/ender, it is probably time for an update.  Over the past few weeks, without any noticable effort, I have sewn together 700 2-inch squares.

Yep, seven 100-patch blocks.  The required total is twelve, plus borders and stuff, so there is a long road ahead.  But it doesn’t even make me break a sweat. One piece at a time and it will be finished.

Anyway, an actual ACTIVE PROJECT count:

1. Green graduation quilt

2. Wedding Quilt

3. Civil War Quiltalong

4. Thread Head Quiltalong

5. Leader/Ender

So, only five.  Five.  Currently.  Active.  We won’t count all the ones that are sort of lurking and small projects that only take a day (skirts, bags, etc) that act as fillers.

Sounds fun-ctional to me!

8 thoughts on “PIGS Answer: Multitasker?

  1. Seven out of 12! That is more than halfway in my book! Great going! I think most patchworkers would admit to having more than one project on the go at once! No shame in that!

  2. Cool photo of your leader-ender squares and I like the colors too. I also think multiple projects is the way to go. It keeps you from getting bored and running out of steam.

  3. i love it!!! i have a leader ender going all the time since i found out about that concept..have finished one top–well i don;t have the rows sewn together yet but all the rows are done..and now i have another one ready to go while i am making the quilt i am currently working on..such fun..and i don’t care how many projects i have going—way more than 7 i’m sure–but that is the way i like to do it..never boring..you inspire us all..and love that leader ender quilt..it will be a scrappy beauty…

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