The Shortest Distance

The shortest distance between me and a finished quilt is a straight line.  Straight line quilting, that is. 

I am so glad I have discovered this concept.  Oh, yes, there is still a little bit of envy at the beautiful, curving designs created by others.  But, my little old machine and I are able to turn out SOMETHING.

I created this top as a tutorial last year.  And, well, it sat.  But, my new-found determination to find a way has paid off of this one.  The basting is definitely improving, so the outcome is a bit more consistent, too.  I will show you how I do it next time if you promise NOT TO LAUGH.

5 thoughts on “The Shortest Distance

  1. i liked that quilt from the beginning..i have got to find a way to baste mine so i can get some of them quilted..i like the straight line quilting myself..when i hand quilt i do that same you i have tops that need is beautiful…thanks for sharing..

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