My Mother…and Grandmothers

I have never bought a sewing machine.  Never. 

How, then, do I have..well, let’s just say “several” sewing machines?

My mother.

My mother’s mother.

My father’s mother.

Both of my Grandmas have died, but they are close to me, still. 

Thanks, Mom(s), for such tangible reminders of your love in my life.

9 thoughts on “My Mother…and Grandmothers

  1. Wonderful post! It gives an interesting perspective; my mother’s sewing machine went to one of my daughters,and the other had Bertha, my industrial Pfaff, passed down to her…and oddly enough, my Mom’s machine was passed from me to her! One of the important threads of women’s lives is their sewing machines! I cherish memories of my paternal grandmother, who used her sewing machine to make (and wear of course!) gorgeous evening gowns, which she ill afforded otherwise. My grandmother was the first person I knew in 1976 who had a lovely long patchwork skirt which she wore to evening events~!

  2. Wonderful post. I wish I had my mom’s Singer. It looked similar to your last photo and is where I learned to sew. Thanks for reminding me on this special day.

  3. i have my mother in law’s treadle machine…but my mother’s singer quit many years ago after so many years of use sewing for others–she was a seamstress—for herself and for me…so i gave her mine and got myself a new one in 1978 which recently quit and is beyond repair..too old to find parts..i only saw my mother in law piece quilts on hers..i love sewing machines and you have a lovely set with lots of good memories..thanks for sharing that with us…Happy Mother’s Day!!

  4. You’re fortunate to have these machines! I wish I had my great grandmothers treadle machine. I can remember her sitting there sewing with it.
    I do have my mother’s Morse sewing machine…talk about heavy! It reminds me of a big old chrome covered car from the 50’s!

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