Organizational Tip

Daughter, age almost-eleven, is becoming quite the seamstress.  The other day she was keeping me company in my sewing space while I worked on something or the other and sat down at the machine and started sewing on my leader-ender project.

I glanced over to see this.

Do you spend a certain amount of sewing time looking for your thread scissors?  I certainly do.  And I don’t like wearing them around my neck.  I guess Daughter felt the same way and came up with “put them on top of the machine.”

I tried it later in the day and it really works!  It will take a while to get in the habit, but I am going to take a tip from her and make it my regular practice.

ps–Now I know how she is getting those doll quilts done so quickly.

4 thoughts on “Organizational Tip

  1. i keep my small pair of gingher scissors in front of my machine..i cannot use the snippers on my machine ..too awkward…so i snip after each seam..i also use the tips–closed of course– to push my pieces thru the machine..i line up the seam and use it to guide my fabric thru the machine..that is a good tip..she is a clever girl…

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