If You Give A Girl A Button

The next time you find yourself with bored or cranky children, I have the perfect solution:  Buttons!

A thrift-store friend brought me a bag of buttons he found for $1.50.  Amazing!  It held about 2 cups of buttons, maybe more.  I should have weighed it.

At the same time, Daughter had a neighbor friend over to play for a while until her parents got home.  This has happened just often enough lately that they were bored of playing the regular games and sort of wandering around.

“Girls, I have something for you to do.”

An hour-and-a-half later it was time for the neighbor to go home.  I had a mostly sorted pile of buttons, and they had a really good time.  Neighbor to Daughter, “Why do you have all the good stuff to do at your house?”

7 thoughts on “If You Give A Girl A Button

  1. what fun they must have had..i’m an organizer by nature and i would even have had fun..thanks for sharing that with us..i will think of daughter and her friend every time i find buttons in my sewing room!!!

  2. Isn’t is great that kids still love the simplest things? They come up with the coolest ways to play with them, too. A few years ago, I introduced my preschool class to dominos. One little boy said, “Look! Little videos!”

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