My Big Weekend Push

DONE! On Tuesday.  Not the weekend.  But, a finish just the same.

Can you see my happy dance from there?

I was asked about a tutorial.  This quilt is based on Scrappity Do Dah from McCalls Quilting.  I used 6 1/2″blocks and 1 1/2″sashing.  The border is 3 1/4″blocks cut from left over squares that I cut WAY too many of as the quilt kept evolving.  Does that ever happen to you?

This quilt was a struggle to make for some reason, but aren’t they all more beautiful when they are finished!?

9 thoughts on “My Big Weekend Push

  1. what a beautiful quilt..i really do like it..will check out the pattern as i really do like glad you have it done and that one can be checked off your list..i think most of the time my quilts start evolving the minute i start sewing…that is the sign of a creative mind and you are very creative..

  2. I’ve made several quilts with this block pattern. I’ve never put a border on one though. I really like your border. Simple, effective, perfect.

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