PIGS Answer: Savings?

Jill has another question for us:

Since I have been learning how to coupon and save money, I’d like to know how you save time and money while quilting. Share any and every way that you can. Nothing will be considered silly if it saves either time or money! And you may be doing something that the rest of us have not thought of.

I don’t know that I have anything original to offer, but here are a few thoughts.

1. Scraps.  It has been said before, but throwing them away costs $10/yard.  Some of my favorite quilts are make primarily from scraps. But, don’t use scraps if you don’t love them.  And don’t allow them to accumulate out of guilt. That is its own kind of wasteful. You can always give them to someone who does love them. *hint*

2. Shop at home first.  Use your stash.  We all have one. Even if you only use a little stash fabric on your next project, you will be saving that magical $10/yard.  And using fabric you fell in love with once upon a time.

3. Don’t jump on bandwagons.   There are so many ideas out there, and some of them are very popular.  And, for some people they must be OK, but not every project is for me.  Or you.  Just do things you REALLY want to do and will make you happy.  Not just because “everyone” is doing it.  This saves both time and money. 

4. Sales.  Don’t buy it just because it is on sale.  20% off can make us quilters lose our minds.  But, if you don’t really need it or love it there isn’t enough of it in the world to make you happy.

Anyway, I hope that doesn’t sound like a lecture.  It is just a few things that help me.  Quilting isn’t a cheap hobby, but it isn’t supposed to break the bank either.  It is possible to quilt on a budget (money and time) and be happy, too. 

Thanks, Jill, for another thought-provoking question.

6 thoughts on “PIGS Answer: Savings?

  1. this is the year for me to use nothing but scraps for any quilts i make ..the only thing i will buy will be backing and possibly borders..only use my stash —some of it is too big to call scraps..so far i have stuck to that..only have bought when i had an order to do…and they paid for it…but it is fun..i have to use my imagination a lot of times…#4 above was my biggest problem..now i just stay away from sales..all your ideas are so good and so true..

  2. For me, your #4 idea, not to buy fabric just because it is on sale, is the most important! I buy only what I love, and I often must buy only a little of it. That means I tend to treasure — and use! — every morsel of lovely fabric that comes in my door, and I add to it all of those lovely fabrics from my stash that want to play with it.

  3. I give myself an allowance each weekday, more on the weekends. That way I know what I can spend on fun stuff like fabric and not feel guilty. But when it’s gone, it’s gone. That being said…
    Using scraps and stash are 2 ways I save. Participating in SoScrappy’s Rainbow Challenge has been a great incentive. I’ve only bought fabric twice this year…so far, but summer’s only 1 day away.
    I save on patterns and ideas by spending (way too much) time on quilty/crafty blogs and borrowing magazines from the library.

  4. Great advice – I really have to get a quilt pattern stuck in my head to make me want to make it… or a fabric line. I really love that my quilts don’t look like anyone else’s in the world!

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