Just Because It Hasn’t Happened…

***Wound Picture Alert***

One of my personal theories is:

If it is possible for something to happen, but it hasn’t yet happened, the odds of it happening are going up, not down.


I have never sewn myself into the machine.

Until now.

But, no blood on the quilt, so all is well.


9 thoughts on “Just Because It Hasn’t Happened…

  1. i know how you feel!!! i always thought it was impossible too…but it has happened a couple of times to me..and i will not ever brag about the fact that i have never been cut by my rotary cutter…i never have but that is just stating a fact..my best friend never i mean never picked hers up but she cut herself..which is why i always cut her quilts..anything can happen when you have a sharp blade, sharp scissors and a pointed needle!!!! just glad you didn’t get it on the quilt—which i did..cold water will take it out …

  2. Oh – BIG ouch – done that once years ago – great way to learn how to keep fingers clear – but not nice. Hope it heals soon!

  3. I know how you feel, that hurts!
    I put the needle right through my finger nail and out the other side a few months ago. I about passed out. It took a few weeks for the nail to grow enough to be normal again.
    And now when I sew I can’t help be extra careful knowing it could happen again.

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