Commission Crunch

Daughter is showing all the symptoms of being a true quilter.  Right down to the typical obsessive habits.  She is making up deadlines for herself.  “Mom, I HAVE to have this finished by Friday so she can have it by the last day of school.” Note that no finish date was promised.

So, I straight line quilted this one for her.  Just too large for her to handle. (And, apparently, too large for me to handle, as I managed to sew myself.  See yesterday’s post.)

And she did the binding.  And it is done.  And it isn’t even Friday yet.

7 thoughts on “Commission Crunch

  1. how beautiful.. i love half square triangles and pin wheels..i am so glad it is all she can go on to the next much fun working with your daughter on a project…

  2. Deanna, this Blue Quilt is so pretty!
    Today I received the “Red Pkg.” – Thanks so much!
    These are all pieces I can use. I’m planning a patchwork quilt of Reds soon. I’ll send you a photo. Thank you again+have a wonderful Day! Love,Linda

  3. WOW! Your daughter is amazing and so is her quilt! I hope the recipient knows how lucky she is to have that quilt! I would love to know how it is received. I hope your finger is healing and not causing you too much pain!

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