Wedding Top DONE!

This two-hours-a-day-sewing-allowance is really paying off.  The wedding quilt top is done.

It is fairly large, about 80″, and went together surprisingly quickly.  Now, to figure out how to quilt it.  Gayle Bong, the author of Save the Scraps, gives suggested quilting diagrams, but they all involve curved lines and, at this stage, I am a straight line quilter. 

So, I am looking at the quilt and thinking.  Thinking.  Thinking. Inspiration will hopefully strike soon.

7 thoughts on “Wedding Top DONE!

  1. beautiful!!! love the colors and the pattern…i think diagonal lines would work good too..whatever you decide will be great..have these people ever seen straight line quilting??? do will be new to them..and you know you can do that..very very pretty…what a lovely gift for newlyweds…

  2. Your quilt is fabulous! I was also going to suggest diagonal lines through the white blocks initially to echo the diamond pattern around the centre. Whatever you do will be lovely, I’m sure!

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