Before and After

Here are 12 100-patch blocks.

Basic math:  12 x 100 = 1200. Right?

Now, here is my 2-inch square stash BEFORE.

Here is my 2-inch square stash AFTER.

Hmmm…not much of a dent in the pile…Is there ANY dent?…Maybe at least a little one?

Honestly, wouldn’t you think that 1200 squares would make more of a difference.  Do they really multiply when we aren’t looking?

I better start planning my next project.


NOTE:  I calculated that these blocks, two inches at a time, contain 3-1/3 YARDS of fabric.  At today’s prices, that is a lot of quilt for FREE, don’t you think?!  So, I continue to cut scrap into pre-determined sizes, 2″ squares being one of them.  It is amazing how much I (and Daughter) get out of scrap this way.

10 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. I have a scrap quilt in the works like that and love it. You may have seen it, I have a flower vine on the outside that I am in the process of appliqueing and then I am going to put more of the squares on the outside. I can cut you up some flowers or butterflies if you want…just an idea…. I love this and you are right, that is a great quilt for free.

  2. so much fun in a pile of scraps…stuff that i have seen people throw away because it is too small…makes me ill when i think of all of them i had gotten rid of because i didn;t want to fool with anything smaller than 4″ square..but what fun now…i love those blocks..that is going to be so pretty when completed..

  3. My friend has a theory that socks which go missing in the clothes dryer turn into hangars somehow. I would propose the Fabric Corollary to Missing Socks: socks that go missing in the dryer turn into scraps of fabric. What’s not to like about a never-diminishing supply of scraps?

  4. p.s. i think you should set that quilt together with green…just look in that picture and see how that green grass sets those blocks off…love it!!!!

  5. I can hardly believe that your scrap bin has hardly been diminished!!! I laughed (kindly of course) when I saw your ‘after’ photo! But what a sense of satisfaction to make that beautiful quilt from others scraps! Fabulous!

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